Deliver your products safely with Port Container Services help

By Granny Flat Sales, January 13, 2011 10:46 pm

No matter how good the quality of your products are, all of these will eventually fall to nothing if they are not delivered safe and intact to your clients’ destination. This is the reason why business owners who know better are always willing to invest in good quality shipping containers and reliable shipping services.

Here in Australia, there are a number of shipping companies that offer their service but for those of you who do not want to settle for anything less than the best that the market can offer then you can turn directly to Port Container Services and get exactly just this. What sets them apart from the other shipping container manufacturers? Simply put, their shipping containersfor sale are of top quality, made out of solid steel structural components to assure you that all your items are in tip top condition once they got to their destination.

But aside from that, the company also offers container rental and delivery services. Port Container Services has various depots all around the country where you can ship your products from. These depots strategically located to give their clients the most convenient delivery possible. Containers can be shipped to any location in the country.

So what else are you sitting here for? Log on to their website today and get a hold of their free quotation services now. With their kind of quality service, you are sure to have nothing but great things ahead for you and your business!

Granny Flat Questions

By Granny Flat Sales, November 10, 2010 4:51 am

Hi all,

If you have  any questions about our granny flats for sale, then ask us and we’ll get back to you ASAP. Also if you have any suggestions for our website  that might make it easier for you to use, tell us and we’ll update it. Our friendly staff are able to help answer any questions concerning our shipping containers for sale or hire. Our container modifications are also a hot topic that you might like to know more about. All our modified shipping containers can be custom built to your specifications. Please post any questions in the comments box or call us directly on 1300 793 668.

Port Container Services

Granny flats now on Twitter

By Granny Flat Sales, August 9, 2010 2:16 am

Hi all,

We are now promoting our portable granny flats on Twitter! Go to and ‘Follow’ us to keep updated on our new and used granny flat products. We will also be promoting specials and new granny flat accessories when they become available. We are receiving great feedback on our custom made granny flats, and encourage people to comment on our granny flats as our main goal is to build our granny flats the way you want them. If you have any questions on our granny flat range send us a direct message and we will answer you straight away!

Accessorise your Granny Flat

By Granny Flat Sales, July 20, 2010 1:08 am

What’s amazing about our portable granny flats is that they can be customised to suit your living requirements. We have a range of granny flat accessories that can be easily installed by our container technicians upon request. Our portable granny flats are constructed from used storage containers making them environmentally sustainable, and are then fitted with a range of optional high quality granny flat accessories that transform a once bare industrial container into a homely accommodation unit. You have the flexibility to design you very own granny flat to your specifications, at a fraction of the cost compared to conventional fixed granny flats. Our 20 foot granny flat units are a popular item as they are perfect for a one person retreat, though our 40 foot granny flats give you maximum space for additional granny flat accessories.  Adding a kitchenette and en-suite bathroom with allow you to live in your granny flat more self contained, and adding other accessories such as air conditioning, sky lights and security shutters makes living in your granny flat more comfortable. Our granny flats can be insulated to reduce heating costs and additional doors and windows can be added to increase airflow and access. If you are looking for a granny flat for sale then request a quote and we will instantly send you a brochure with all our granny flat accessories and pricing.

Portable Granny Flat growing in popularity

By Granny Flat Sales, June 28, 2010 1:43 am

As portable granny flats are a new product that Port Container Services have been developing and distributing over the last couple of years, word has been spreading about how practical and affordable these units are.  Traditional granny flat constructions use to take months to design and construct, sometimes even up to a year. Our granny flat solutions can be designed and constructed in under a month due to our pre-designed units and easy install components. The design of our portable granny flats are quite flexible allowing the client to create there own designs based on there requirements. The use of refurbished storage containers as a base for our portable granny flats makes them an environmentally viable solution in green living. Feel free to call Port Container Services to find out more on our portable granny flats.

Affordability of containerised granny flats

By Granny Flat Sales, June 21, 2010 3:58 am

Compared to conventional granny flats, containerised granny flats are considerably a cheaper alternative. As containerised granny flats are constructed from used containers, they are environmentally sustainable and easy to transport. Port Container Services specialise in the design and manufacture of portable granny flats at competitive prices. Our granny flats can be custom designed to suit your specifications, just add the optional granny flat accessories that you would like and our shipping container engineers will construct the granny flat the way you want it. Portable accommodation is becoming increasingly popular for those in the construction and mining industries and also used them as a site office. For more information on our granny flats for sale contact Port Container Services on 1300 793 668.

New alternative to traditional Granny Flats!

By Granny Flat Sales, June 7, 2010 9:51 am

Port Container Services have been supplying shipping containers across the country for a number of years now, but did you know that we also manufacture specialised shipping container products. We have been building site offices, dangerous goods storage containers and portable workshops to the construction industry for a while with increasing demand, but have now released a new product to the public that we are quite excited about.

Port Container Services now specialise in the design and construction of portable granny flats for sale! This new product is constructed from new or used shipping containers and fitted with granny flat accessories which increases functionality. What is great about our granny flats is that they can be custom designed to your specifications. Click here to view all the different granny flat accessories available.

We also have used granny flats in stock ready for delivery, so grab a bargain today! Our modified granny flats are a sought after item, so don’t miss out on the perfect used granny flat for you.